Ramallah office opened following an investment in WebTeb by Siraj Palestine Fund

WebTeb Announces It Has Passed the 3 Million Unique Visitors per Month and Opening of Ramallah Offices

WebTeb Announces It Has Passed the 3 Million Unique Visitors per Month and Opening of Ramallah Offices

WebTeb, the leading Arabic health and lifestyle portal, announced today its site traffic has exceeded 3 million visitors per month. In addition, it has formally opened its new Ramallah offices, following an investment by Siraj Palestine Fund in January 2013.

“Offering a platform for connecting health service providers with patients across the Arabic-speaking world, WebTeb goal was to be positioned, in a short period of time, as the number one health and lifestyle portal in Arabic in terms of traffic but also in terms of content quality and the user experience and value we provide to users” said Dr. Mahmoud Kaiyal, Founder and CEO of WebTeb. “I’m very proud of the team that enabled WebTeb, in such a short time, to lead the market. We did that with our TebChecker symptom checker application and then the launch of the TebStyle lifestyle section, we’re pleased to see the constant growth in traffic that positions us as the market leader”.

One of the main traffic drivers for the site is its immense success on social platforms such as Facebook. “I believe the MENA market is unique in that Facebook likes immediately convert into high quality site traffic” said Dr. Kaiyal. The site currently has over 500,000 likes on Facebook, growing by continuously and driving a large percentage of the site’s daily traffic.

Additionally, the Company announced it has successfully closed a Series B round in February 2013, which included an investment by Siraj Palestine Fund. As a result of the investment, Mr. Dimitri Diliani joined WebTeb’s Board of Directors.

“We chose WebTeb as an investments of the Siraj Palestine Fund since we believe it delivers the quality content the Arabic internet sorely needs in a key area of interest to users: their health and well-being” said Huda El Jack of Siraj Palestine Fund. “A key part of our investment thesis is that content should be offered with a sound business model and the results we’re seeing on the part of WebTeb are particularly encouraging”.

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